Verified Database Field Guide

Job Functions

Drilling & Well Engineering

​Drilling Technician

​Drilling Engineer

​Senior Drilling Engineer

​Drilling Engineering Manager/Advisor

​Drilling Fluid/ Cementing Specialist

​Coiled Tubing/ Underbalanced Drilling Engineer

​Managed Pressure Drilling Specialist

​Multilateral Well Specialist

​Cost & Performance Engineer

​Drilling Superintendent


​Wellsite Geologist

​Exploration Geologist

​Operations Geologist

​Development Geologist

​Production Geologist

​Exploration Geophysicist

​Development Geophysicist


Wellsite Operations & Supervision

​Wellsite Drilling Engineer

​Drilling Materials Coordinator


​Cyber Driller


​Senior Toolpusher


​Night Drilling Supervisor

​Drilling Supervisor

​Senior Drilling Supervisor

​Offshore Installation Manager

​Subsea Engineer/ Supervisor

​Safety Officer

​HSE Supervisor


​Exploration Manager

​Geoscience Manager

​Production Manager

​Drilling Manager

​Completion Manager

​Logistics Manager

​Supply Chain Manager

​HSE Manager

​QAQC Manager

​QHSE Manager

​Rig Manager

​Asset Manager

​Country Manager

​Regional Manager

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

​QAQC Supervisor

​QAQC Inspector

​QHSE Supervisor

Completions, Well Intervention & Workovers

​Completion Engineer

​Drill Stem Test/ Well Test Engineer

​Workover/Well Intervention Engineer

​Completion/ Well Intervention Superintendent

​Drill Stem Test/ Well Test Superintendent

Petroleum Engineering

​Reservoir Engineer

​Production Engineer

​Production Technologist

Supply Chain

​Contract & Procurement Specialist

​Logistics Coordinator

​Logistics Supervisor

​Supply Chain Supervisor


Onshore Work Unit




​Coiled Tubing Unit

​Slickline Unit




​Hydraulic Workover Unit

​Snubbing Unit

Offshore Work Unit

​Artificial Island

​Shallow Water

​Deep Water

​Ultra-Deep Water




​Swamp Barge


​Hydraulic Workover Unit

​Light Well-Intervention Vessel

​Drilling Support Vessel

​Snubbing Unit

​Workover Barge

Reservoir Type



​Fractured Carbonate








​Abnormal/High Pressure




Reservoir Fluid






​Underground Storage

Well Type



​High Angle


​Extended Reach



​Expandable Liner

​Expandable Casing


​Well Integrity



Drilling Fluid Type


​High-Performance Water-Based


​Synthetic Oil-Based

​Aerated Drilling Fluid

​Nitrified Drilling Fluid



Drilling Conveyance


​Drill with Casing

​Thru Tubing Rotary Drilling (TTRD)

​Coiled Tubing Drilling (CTD)

​Underbalanced Coiled Tubing Drilling (UBCTD)

Drilling Environment

​Rotary Steerable


​Drilling Optimization

​Hard Rock Drilling

​Drillstring Vibration

​Underbalanced Drilling

​Managed Pressure Drilling

​Floating/Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling

​Rotating Control Devices

Completion Type

​Open Hole


​Slotted Liner

​Slotted Expandable

​Perforated Casing

​Single String

​Dual String


​Slim Hole




​Sand Control

Perforating Type

Expendable Gun

​Semi-Expendable Gun

​Retrievable Hollow Casing Gun

​Casing Gun

​Tubing Conveyed Gun

​Coiled Tubing Conveyed

​Thru-Tubing Gun

Major North American Basins

​Gulf of Mexico

​Mississippi/East Texas

​Mid-Continent/West Texas



​Eagle Ford






​Alaska/North Slope

​West Canada

Middle East


Major Other Basins

Middle east

​Middle east/Pre-Khuff

​North Sea

​West Africa/Niger Delta

​North Africa/Sirte-Sahara

​East Africa

​North Caucasus/ Kopet-Dag

​West Siberia





​Santos-Campos-Espirito Santo

​South-East Asia/Sumatra

Drilling Software













Supply Chain Software








​IWCF                   Awareness Level 1

​IWCF                          Drilling Level 2 - Surface

IWCF                           Drilling Level 2 - Combined

​IWCF                              Well Intervention Level 2

​IWCF                         Drilling Level 3 - Surface

​IWCF                         Drilling Level 3 - Combined

​IWCF                              Well Intervention Level 3

​IWCF                          Drilling Level 4 - Surface

​IWCF                         Drilling Level 4 - Combined

​IWCF                              Well Intervention Level 4


​IADC Rig Pass

WellSharp Introductory

WellSharp Level 3 - Drilling

WellSharp Level 4 - Drilling

Level 3 - Drilling & Workover

Level 4 - Drilling & Workover

WellCap Drilling - Surface

​IADC WellCap Workover & Completion

WellCap Well Intervention & Snubbing

HSE, Survival and Emergency Response

NEBOSH                        NGC 1 Health &  Safety

​NEBOSH                          GC 2 Workplace Hazards

​NEBOSH                          GC 3 Practical Health & Safety

NEBOSH                           Oil & gas Operational Safety

MIST CBT                   Safety Training for Experienced Workers


​TBOSIET                 (Tropical BOSIET)


​TFOET                      (Tropical FOET)

​HUET                    Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

​THUET                     (Tropical HUET)

​Offshore Medical

​EBS                        Emergency Breathing System

​ECT                            Escape Chute Training

HSE, Survival and Emergency Response

​Basic H2S Training

​CA-EBS             Compressed Air Emergency breathing

​OERTL                     Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader

Controlling Emergencies

​COWPA                     Control of Work Training for Performing Authorities

​LOLER               Competent Person Assessment

​Basic Onshore Emergency Response

​Further Onshore Emergency Response

​Major Emergency Management Initial Response

​IMO 2                                Oil Spill Clearance

​IMO 2                               Oil Spill Preparedness and Response (USA)

​IMO 3                                Oil Spill Management Workshop

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