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If you are uncertain as to whether your work history and expertise match what our clients are looking for, please take a look at our Verified Database Field Guide. You will find a full list of Job functions, specialties and certifications.

If you are unsure whether to trust us with your CV, we would like to remind you that not passing on your CV to anyone without your permission is one of our core values. To learn more about how we respect your privacy and rights to your own information click here.

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After you have uploaded your CV we will get started right away. We will optimise your CV for success as well as format it so that it comes up to the latest standards that your future company is likely to expect.

We will then cross check to see if there are any immediate vacancies that suit you. We will also include you into our database according to your relevant skills and work history.

Then we will be in touch. First we will email you to let you know how and when your can receive your formatted copy of your CV. Secondly, we will email you if there is a job vacancy and let you know about the next steps.

If you are fortunate enough to get a job right away, there will be no need for any career coaching sessions at this stage. We will simply charge you for our Premium service at $500 instead. This includes up to 2 CV revisions per year. We can always do the career coaching during your next job gap.

If there are no immediate job opportunities for you, we will schedule 3 separate coaching sessions that will be capped at a maximum of 2 hours per session. Topics covered include Training Options; CV Enhancements; Networking Recommendations including Social Media Presence techniques.

Finally, we will work with you to fine tune your CV to match future job opportunities and career changes. For each job, it makes sense to expand on relevant experience, and omit other less important details. We can help you do this will lifetime updates!

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