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  • armjosh joined.
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    April 14
  • I'm a welder from Nice, France. For the last 10 years I've worked on oil rigs for Total and Shell in various destinations around the world.

    In my spare time I love to snowboard and I drive my camper van across Europe. I'm a semi expert locally in the Alps, Pyrenees, and a little in Switzerland. It's my dream to keep working in different destinations around the world an perhaps bring my snowboard more often. Siberia and perhaps Argentina are places that I want to visit.

    I also love wine, and beautiful ladies!

    March 23
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    March 23
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    March 21
  • I'm a college student learning a chemical engineering undergraduate degree. I've joined the community to ask questions about the real life applications of what I'm studying to help me understand better.

    March 16
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    March 14
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    February 20